Learning Outcome #4 Reflection 1/2 Written Competency

Randy Otis
Comm and Technology in Society – Summer 2010
1st Reflection for Learning Outcome #4

The artifact provided was an essay and an oral presentation given in Comm 317, Communication and Technology in Society. In mid 2010 popularity of Face book was at an all time high. Facebook related topics were and still are very relevant to society due to the nature of communication used on the website. I discussed facebooks relation to critical thinking and the responsibility we have when we decide to post a comment online. I wrote this essay because I constantly was hearing how Facebook was damaging relationships, hurting companies, and allowing offensive material to reach a mass of people. In my personal life I was seeing people posting things that they would never say to someone face to face. I thought it was necessary to present this information to the class to help them understand that what you post is forever.
Throughout this essay I was able to clearly identify the major communication issues that are affecting not only people posting on Facebook, but companies that are being negatively affected due to negative comments being posted. By Identifying the issues, and providing examples, allowed me to present my thoughts and ideas in a clear concise manner. I was able to show the readers the importance of thinking critically while posting on social media websites. Using examples from professional research conducted allowed me to help the readers relate the issue back to their own lives. Relating to these issues helped the class understand how to improve their communication style, as well as, increased awareness of the issues. Identifying research that had been done also helped my readers understand the serious significance of the issue. I received positive feedback from the class after presenting this paper. I was told, “That’s something I never thought about”, which was precisely my goal. I feel that after my presentation students will not only think critically when posting online, but will also develop education thoughts instead of simply posting whatever comes to their minds. This writing experience was refreshing because I was able to do research and relate that information back to my own thoughts and ideas. Prior to this paper the majority of what I was writing was literary analysis.


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