Learning Outcome #1 – Reflection

Randy Otis
Comm 499 – Learning Outcome #1

Learning Outcome #1 – Reflection

For this learning outcome I decided to submit two journal entries from Comm 370. These entries both touch on the psychological theory framework. The psychological framework explains that communication is not the flow of information from the sender to the receiver but the thoughts and feelings of the sender when communicating. It can also include the reactions and feelings of the receiver after they decode the information. The first abstract talks about how people interpret certain religious materials. It is said that religion and culture can be a system of communication. Different people interpret different meanings to various symbols. I showed how the ideal of karma can be interpreted in various ways. Some people tend to take religion verbatim from the historical data and readings provided to them. Others will look for an alternative meaning to the teachings and may not take the teachings as literal. Depending on how the lesson is communicated based on the sender’s communication style can determine how people are facilitating meaning. Throughout Comm 370 I learned how to look at a situation and or ideal and find alternative meanings and ways to decode or understand the communication style.
I’ve found that no matter what topic you may be discussing there are always alternative ways to decode the information. I gained an understanding for the systematic theory that explains how different messages are interpreted and then reinterpreted to draw a conclusion. In my career I have to look at situations from many different perspectives. I’ve found that exercises like my artifact have allowed me the ability to critically analyze situations. In my job I have to find solutions to a wide variety of situations. If I only look at one way to solve the issues I often fall short in providing solutions. If I step back and look at the situation from my companies point of view, the customers point of view, and the point of view from an outsider looking in I am able to provide a long term solution an establish comfort for all parties involved.


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