Learning Outcome #4 – Reflection 2

Randy Otis
Comm and Technology in Society – Summer 2010
2nd Reflection for Learning Outcome #4

This presentation allowed me to develop my public speaking skills by speaking about something I was passionate about. I feel in order to keep an audience’s attention you have to find a way to directly relate to them. By choosing the topic of Facebook, it was something that everybody was using. However not everyone was critically thinking about how the website was affecting their relationships and perceptions of others.
In my first couple of years in college I tended to read right off of my notes or off of the screen. I later learned the importance of making eye contact with my audience. Another important aspect that I learned was to be over prepared. Think about questions that may be asked and be prepared to answer them prior to giving the presentation. I have to do this in my current job as an analyst. Much of what I do is gather information and present it to executives and decision makers within my company. If I’m not fully prepared I can be easily embarrassed. The same goes for giving speeches at Carroll U. If I tried to give a speech based off of an unorganized outline or a small amount of notes, I was ineffective. If I was prepared with a detailed outline, followed by a visual aid to my audience, the speeches would go smooth. I also found that being prepared helped my confidence level. Confidence can eliminate nervousness.
Another lesson I’ve learned is to be detailed, but give information in a short but sweet format. Attention spans can be short when you have to listen to numerous presentations. It’s important to capture your audience and keep their attention. Finding an appropriate subject and relating it to the audience with enthusiasm was the key to success. I started my college career a nervous speaker and through the knowledge base learned from research based classes and a speech class I now understand how to convey important information to a group of people face to face. I hated speaking in front of people initially, but now I know if I’m prepared, and confident it’s just like talking to a group of friends.


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My goal is to help everyone understand what i've learned and how i've progressed through different learning experiences at Carroll University.

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