Learning Outcome #1 – Artifact 1 “Television and Your Children”

Randy Otis
Com 370
Professor M. Johnson

Reading Response 2

It’s in a parent’s best interest to protect their children from all outside negative media that may be present in the child’s life. Often time’s television does have shows that negatively impact the behavior of a child. Violence and sexual content are just two major themes in shows today that attract large audiences. It’s almost as if media marketers and producers try and make their shows more violent and more sexual to attract younger crowds. I don’t think the baby boomers are looking to see “T and A” or intense action shows, but you see younger generations of people flocking towards this type of programming.
Parents that monitor the television shows their kids watch at least are in touch with what their kids see. In many cases kids will watch what they watch though. They will find a way to watch a show, whether it’s on-line or going over to a friends house to see the show. In this day and age it is very difficult to monitor what they watch. Personally I think you have to raise your children good enough to where you can trust that no matter what they are watching on television they can make responsible decisions about the information they consume.
As a new parent I can relate with some of these fears. I don’t want my children watching questionable programming, or R rated movies. But what’s the difference between them watching an R rated movie and going to Mayfair mall with me and hearing people dropping the “F bomb” all around us? When comparing violence on television we often times criticize certain shows for their acts of violence, but rarely do you see parents holding their children back from watching sports like hockey and football. You see just as much fighting and brutal violence in those sports than you do in most violent television shows. So it all comes back to talking to your children about what they are seeing around them.
Communication is the key to fighting technology fear. Talking to your children about everything is very important. They need to know what is going on around them. That is the only way they will make good decisions when they are put in a tough spot. We need to coach children to make good decisions. Certainly we all learn the hard way sometimes, but you can limit mistakes by teaching good morals.
I’m scarred that my daughters will be taking to boys at school. Now I have to worry about them IM’ing the boys when they get home, or texting them. My parents used to be able to answer all of my incoming calls at home. In the day and age of cell phones we can’t always answer our kid’s cell phones. The internet also scares me for my children. You can look up anything online. You can filter and get parenting restrictions on the sites your kids are going to, however it’s like television, if they want to see it they will. The great thing about technology is that there are restrictions to everything. You are able to monitor everything. What your kids watch, search online, and learn. The reality of it is, you would drive yourself insane trying to monitor all of this. And most research says that if you are trying to shelter your child, they will rebel down the line. Putting trust in them allows there self confidence to grow. I know I loved it when my parents trusted me to do things. It made me want to do the right thing for them.
I don’t think the fear in technology will go away. People are scared of what they don’t understand. The key to feeling secure with technology is to learn how to use it. Take the time to understand it and then you will feel more at ease.


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